Weekend Wrap-Up

October 18, 2015

This week: This week my mom moved into her own apartment. She had been living with us since the end of August and on a whim we checked out a really nice complex down the street from our house and it was perfect. She applied and two weeks later we were helping her pack and move a short drive away. Bean asked if she was going back to "New Nork" (so cute) but I assured them that no, Nana is only down the road now. We feel very lucky and spoiled. We had a friend over and her three little ones and we made apple pie. I love the fall. It means baking and sharing goods with friends and family, it makes my heart full. The husband and I went to an independent school fair to look at school options for Bean and Reid next fall. It kind of makes my head spin just thinking about the logistics and finances of private schools 40+ minutes away from where we currently live, but hopefully we'll find a way. 

Snapshots of the week: Bean scored her fist soccer goal this weekend! It was a huge deal for all of us and she got a run around the yard on Daddy's shoulders when we returned home with the news. She felt like a super star.

To-dos and goals for the week:
 - create a month long learning plan for Reid
 - work on the big kids' Halloween costumes
 - earlier bed time for me
 - drink more water
 - try not to obsessively check my baby registry
 - spend time alone with Reid
 - organize the garage 

A few facts:

  • I've given up all hope of making homemade granola, it always tastes like crap.
  • I found an amazing all wood coffee table for the living room for $14.99 at the Goodwill, waiting definitely paid off.