Right Now

September 13, 2015

Right Now I am...

  1. Trying to figure out how to supplement Bean's public school education at home.
  2. Rejoicing in the connections I've made with friends
  3. Preparing for out youngest 2nd birthday tomorrow (September 14th!)- where has the time gone?
  4. Trying to remember to take my prenatal vitamins
  5. Enjoying the big kids (Bean and Reid) being in soccer
  6. Trying to add to my essential oils collection without going into abject poverty
  7. Realizing that its finally too cold to wear sandals anymore, bummer.
  8. Welcoming the Seattle rain
  9. Making sure all my fall spices are fully stocked to kick off my Fall Baking Season
  10. Just...really..really..enjoying my life right now.