I have a Best Friend

August 23, 2015

Recently I was asked if I had a Best Friend. I replied that other than my husband, no I do not have a Best Friend.

But I was mistaken.

At first I thought so narrowly about that term and who that person should be. They had to be around my age or maybe a few years older, maybe in the same phase of life that Im in..Maybe someone I went to school with.

This morning I am reflecting back on that question and I realized that my best friend is getting on a plane tomorrow to come live with my family. She left her job and sold her home to be with us. She loves me more than life itself, adores my children and husband, and I've been through so much with her. We fight, laugh, and cry together. She knows most everything about me and still tolerates my moods, my need to be controlling, and sometimes when I climb up on my high horse.

My mom is my best friend.

For a second I thought, "How lame." But then I realized that its actually the coolest thing in the entire world. There are some people who really want a better relationship with their mom and so it's not lame. Its awesome.

My best friend is coming to live with us (for a short while, she insists that she must have her own life and cute apartment..for what, I'm not sure!) and it will be the first time in my adult life that my mom will live in the same city as me. Im dreaming of traditions like bi weekly dinners, popping over to go on a shopping trip, rolling deep at sporting events, calling in reinforcements when I feel like Im fuckin' up as a mom, and finally having a reliable support in the same city that doesn't require a 'get to know you' phase.

I'm super happy. She is the Rhoda to my Mary.